Unakaite / Unakite Power Pack

Unakaite / Unakite Power Pack

So many uses in one powerful pack!


Do you ever notice you need more of one stone because it can do so much?


*Need creative energy?: unakaite ✔️ *Need intimacy enhanced?: unakaite ✔️ *Need a piece for your desk at work to ward off your boss’ negative vibes?: unakaite ✔️ *Need a piece for under your pillow to help you sleep?: unakaite ✔️ *Need a piece by your electronics to be a electromagnetic shield?: unakaite ✔️ *Need support during spiritual awakening/using your spiritual abilities?: unakaite ✔️ *Need immune support?: unakaite ✔️ *Looking to get pregnant/enhance fertility: unakaite ✔️ *Need a piece for your skin or hair care routine?: unakaite ✔️


There are so many things to do with unakaite which is why I put together this 2 oz bag of mixed amounts/sizes in a small tumbled form.


This is a great deal! This is for 1 bag


Warning: small parts This is for your information only. Please see a health care provider for health related questions and needs.


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