Selenite / Satin Spar Massage Wand

Selenite / Satin Spar Massage Wand

This is for 1 wand.

Approx 15cm

“How to use:

1. Meditation: Hold a selenite wand in your hand and let this calming stone install deep peace.

2. Cleanse your aura: Hold your selenite crystal in one hand and "comb" it the all the way up and down your body while visualizing it taking away all the negativity, and all your worries and stresses of the day. Repeat this until you can feel the shift in energy. When you interact with lots of people throughout the day, you can also pick up on their energies. Some of these energies stay with you and affect your own. Cleansing your aura will help to get rid of other people's unwanted negative energies.

3. Charge your other crystals: Unlike most other crystals, Selenite doesn’t need to be charged, and it will amplify the energy of all crystals placed upon it. You can use your selenite stick to cleanse other crystals such as jewellery or tumbled stones by simply placing it on top and leaving it overnight.

4. Protect your space: Place a Selenite stick in each corner of your space to create a peaceful and safe environment to shield away negative energy or outside influences.”

“Selenite is said to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being. It's also believed by some that this crystal can remove negative energy and help you connect to higher realms.”

This is for EXTERNAL use only. Moon + Stone will not be held liable for misuse of the wand.