Moon Munch (Crystal Confetti): Carvings!

Moon Munch (Crystal Confetti): Carvings!

So many different carvings and types of crystals!

This includes the following & more:

-dogs, cat head and paws, lots of mushrooms, mini spheres, donuts, small goddess body, lots of spheres, stars, mushrooms and hearts.

You have the option of a full scoop or half.

Half scoop: approx 3-5 pieces

Full scoop: approx 6-10 pieces

If your scoop has a big piece you will have less if it has smaller carvings you will have more.

These are scooped at random.

This is a premium mix with no chip fillers. Each scoop come with a drawstring bag for easy transport or gifting them!

This is a perfect way to collect or try out new carvings at a great deal!